Hello, September! Unlike the majority of the student population, I am so glad to see you. Not only am I looking forward to returning to university at the end of the month, but I’m also here for all the snuggles, sweaters and seasonal hot drinks! August was a pretty busy month. Most notably, I escaped Alcatraz, took on the title of aspiring forensic linguist, and refused to crumble under the immense weight of my TBR.

I read a total of twelve books this month – plus one short story – which is a record for me, thanks to the combination of Unhaulathon, #ARCAugust and #TheReadingQuest! Due to other commitments, I didn’t manage to participate in #MakeMeRead after all but I’m still proud of how much I did manage. From September, following on from #RamadanReadathon, I’m running a bi-monthly book club dedicated to reading Muslim-authored books with Naima @ violettebooks! You can find us on Twitter @TheMuslimShelf – we’ll be starting with Sofia Khan Is Not Obliged if you’re interested in joining us!Read More »



Have you ever listened to a song and been reminded of a book? Or read a book and thought of a certain song? I’m sure we’ve all been there before. I usually associate songs with books if they’re featured on the soundtrack of the movie adaptation, but there are also other songs that always make me feel as if they were just written for the book.

This post was inspired by a recent #UKYAchat with Chris Russell, author of Songs About A Girl (hence, the title) in which we discussed pairings of books and songs. I know I’ve probably associated many songs with many books in my (reading) lifetime but there’s actually only three that I can really remember so… my top three songs and the books they remind me of!
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