#TheReadingQuest is officially over and I can honestly say that I had so much fun doing it! I conquered my TBR by reading a total of 12 books and one short story, completing two paths and four side quests in the process. I have no idea where that ranks me on the leaderboard because some people actually managed to complete the whole thing (what even is that sorcery!?) but, since I initially thought I was being overly ambitious, I’m super happy with my progress.Read More »



Have you ever listened to a song and been reminded of a book? Or read a book and thought of a certain song? I’m sure we’ve all been there before. I usually associate songs with books if they’re featured on the soundtrack of the movie adaptation, but there are also other songs that always make me feel as if they were just written for the book.

This post was inspired by a recent #UKYAchat with Chris Russell, author of Songs About A Girl (hence, the title) in which we discussed pairings of books and songs. I know I’ve probably associated many songs with many books in my (reading) lifetime but there’s actually only three that I can really remember so… my top three songs and the books they remind me of!
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Even though I’m already doing multiple reading challenges this month, I thought it would be fun to push myself even further and add yet another one to the mix. If you haven’t yet heard, #TheReadingQuest is a video-game themed reading challenge hosted by Aentee @ Read at Midnight between August 13th and September 10th! I don’t want to regurgitate everything that’s already out there, so if you’re interested in participating make sure to check out the sign-up post for all the details.Read More »


Ever since #RamadanReadathon, I’ve been wanting to participate in another readathon without the added stress of hosting it myself. Every month, there are always plenty of events to choose from, with readathons ranging from a single weekend like 24in48 to a whole month or even a year. Lately, I’ve discovered a couple of readathons happening in August and, because they align with my reading goals for the month, I’m doing all of them! I thought I’d combine them here, along with what I plan to read for each, in case anyone else wants to get involved too.Read More »


I had something completely different scheduled for today but I didn’t get around to writing it so I thought I’d talk about reading slumps instead, since I’m currently in one. Honestly, it could not have come at a worse time and it’s especially frustrating because, compared to previous months, I didn’t even schedule many books to read during April.Read More »


I was nominated by Sofia at Bookish Wanderess for the Sunshine Blogger Award (Thank you!) I haven’t done this before but I really enjoy doing these little Q & A things so I was pretty excited to answer her questions.

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